Having A Safe And Fun Halloween During COVID-19

By Amanda Porter –

The Smithsonian magazine traces the trick-or-treat tradition in the U.S. to the 1920s or ’30s however, many folks are questioning if that tradition should be allowed during the global coronavirus pandemic.

While at the State House there has been no official decision on canceling the trick-or-treat tradition statewide, in the City of Springfield, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno issued a statement saying, “Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, door-to-door trick or treating will not be allowed this year for Halloween.”

Halloween is a time for adults and kids to have a fun time, get dolled up in costumes and attend parties or go door-to-door asking for free candy.

But this year in many communities, Halloween will be like no other in recent years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying safe and stopping the spread of CD19 is the ultimate goal and truly no one wants to cancel Halloween, so here are just a few ideas to still have a spooktacular Halloween:

  • Host a Halloween-themed costume or dance party on Zoom for friends and family. Create a spooktacular playlist for everyone (Adults) to shake their boo things to, and have attendees show off their costumes on camera.
  • You can also gather remotely to decorate and carve pumpkins safely from your own homes. Interact while you craft by sharing spooky stories. At the end, award prizes (virtual prizes or ones you send via snail mail) to the best looks!
  • Another great and awesome idea is a Halloween movie marathon and you can do this one via a projector in the backyard, through Netflix Party or just with your family bubble on the couch. Pop some popcorn and throw on your favorite spooky movies and TV shows.
  • Set up a trick-or-treat driveway table. This is a great and fun idea that ditches the traditional communal Halloween candy bowl and you set up decorated tables or booths in your front yard where you can hand out individual bags or cups of candy. This keeps contact to a minimum while also still showcasing decorations and hauntingly good personality.

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