Worcester Man Charged With Rape Of A Child

By David Zapata –

On Tuesday at Worcester District Court, Nasser R. Nasser appeared for Judge Jennifer L. Ginsburg for arraignment on the charge of rape of a child.

Committee for Public Counsel Services was appointed by the court to represent Nasser, a plea of not guilty was entered and Nasser has posted and been released on $5,000 bail. As a condition of his release, Nasser must have no contact and stay away from the victim.

In February of 2020, Worcester Police responded to 4 Pullman St. (WJ Hoey Tire Co.) for a person behind the business naked in a tractor tire. Upon arrival the officer who responded, located a 14 year old girl naked in the tire and she was taken to an area hospital.

The young girl who was allegedly heavily intoxicated and wouldn’t give any details to police however police later learned while investigating the incident that a person who went to school with the girl (Nasser) was with the girl and another girl drinking.

Police interviewed Nasser who is 18 and admitted to to drinking with the girl and another girl, they were playing “Truth or Dare” and he got oral sex from the two girls.

Police later were able to interview the girl who also said that herself, Nasser and another person were drinking and playing “Truth or Dare.” The girl also told police that the three of them began kissing and then Nasser removed her pants and then had penis to vagina intercourse with her.

Judge Ginsburg scheduled Nasser to appear before the court again on November 4, 2020.

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