Worcester Police “Making Every Effort To Keep Our Officers Safe.”

By Amanda Porter –

As cases of coronavirus continue to spread and now an NYPD officer testing positive, at Worcester Daily News we were wondering what steps the Worcester Police were taking to protect its officers.

With the courts in Massachusetts closed, Lt. Sean Murtha, PIO for the Worcester Police Department says “Arrestees who are not bailed will be arraigned by video here at the police station.”

Lt. Murtha also said, “We are making every effort to keep our officers safe.” He says “Officers still have to respond to calls, but will take commonsense measures to reduce the risk of contracting Covid 19. Any officer who contracts Covid 19 will be isolated, treated medically, and will not be coming to work.”

I asked Lt. Murtha if the Worcester Police Department had a contingency plan in place if there’s a shortage of manpower and he said, “We do not envision any scenario in which the department is not able to function.”

While some police stations have closed to the public, Lt. Murtha says “The police station lobby is still open, though we discourage people coming in for non-emergencies.”

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